Winter  Fun 2009/2010

Abby's new pet

There first meeting

Notice a color theme below??!!

Putting up the Christmas tree 12/13/09

Aiden wanted/needed to have all the green ones together.

The second one is to show were Abraham hung out during the decorating.

The he got his chance to check out the tree.

Up close with Abraham and Atticus


Our first snow since Feb. or so 2007

Abraham looking out at the snow


The snow was deeper than Atticus legs, but he struggled on, Abraham last about 2 seconds, when he had enough of the whole snowsuit thing.

Notice how deep the snow is next to the boys. Thanks to Uncle Dick and the neighbors I didn't have to shovel it all.



The kids in the backyard, Atticus was crawling along the top of the snow, easier than sinking while walking.